Maintaining your Idlewild Everyday jewelry so that you can enjoy it everyday is essential to its longevity.  

Some pieces in our line are designed using demi-fine metals, which include 925 sterling silver, 1/20 14k gold-filled, and vermeil elements.  We also offer fine fashion pieces that are made from steel-based metals, and their care will differ from our demi-fine pieces.

Some pieces are designed using two types of metals in one piece.  It is important to note the elements of yours so you can be mindful of how to care for your piece.  Pieces that are made from 1/20 14k gold-filled charms and chains ARE water and tarnish resistant, and you may bathe, swim, and exercise in those pieces.  Please be sure your piece is made entirely of gold-filled elements before wearing it in this manner.  

We recommend storing your Idlewild Everyday jewelry away from the elements and moisture.  The beautiful Idlewild Everyday box provided with every purchase is the perfect way to store your pieces.


Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals.  It is a great Everyday metal, as it requires little care and generally has a long lifespan of many years.  It will tarnish over time, but can easily be polished back to life with a quality polishing cloth (gentle touch) or quality dip polishes intended for sterling silver.


Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base metal, usually jeweler’s brass.  To be legally recognized by the Federal Trade Commission in the USA as gold-filled metal, it must be made of at least 5% of the item’s total weight in 10kt gold fineness or higher (usually 14k).  True gold-filled pieces have the appearance of fine solid gold jewelry, and can last decades even with Everyday wear, if cared for properly.  The mechanical bonding process of gold-filled metal results in a layer of gold that is about 50 times thicker than traditional gold plating.  Jewelry made of this metal is water and tarnish resistant.  However, care should be given to avoid harsh chemicals like retinoids, perfumes, soaps, and certain lotions when wearing it. 



Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is sterling silver that has been gilded with 10k gold or higher.  In order for an element to be considered vermeil in the USA, it must be plated with at least 2.5 microns thick of gold (much thicker than normal plated jewelry, about 25 times).  Vermeil is a quality demi-fine jewelry option made entirely of precious metals, and pieces made with it do require more gentle care than other metals.  Avoid exercising, swimming, and bathing with vermeil elements.  Make sure perfumes and lotions do not come in contact with it, and clean only with a damp soft cloth, as it can scratch more easily than other metals.  Do not immerse vermeil in liquid solutions, even water. 



Stainless and titanium steel are very durable metals that hold gold plating well and are highly water and tarnish resistant.  The steel-colored pieces are completely tarnish and water resistant for their lifetime, and steel does not turn green or black.  The plating process on the gold-plated steel pieces bonds the gold coat to make it long-lasting, so the gold-plated steel pieces are also extremely water resistant.  When the plating begins to wear over time, only the steel tone underneath the gold layer will show.  They will stand up to moisture, but care should be given to avoid harsh chemicals like some perfumes, lotions, and hair and body sprays.  Like any other solid or plated gold pieces, the lifetime will last longer if they are kept away from moisture and chemicals.

**Sterling silver, vermeil, 1/20 14k gold-filled, and steel metals are all considered to be hypoallergenic.**