About Us

Idlewild Everyday is a newly created line of jewelry by Tabitha Frazier, who originally founded Idlewild Jewelry Company in 2018.  Her love for creating one-of-a-kind pieces from unique, quality elements shines through in her new modern, elevated demi-fine line.  Idlewild Everyday elements are sourced entirely from manufacturers and suppliers in the USA and uses demi-fine materials including sterling silver, 1/20 14k gold-filled, and vermeil.  As a female-owned business, Idlewild Everyday is deeply curated to fit everyday lifestyles and to bring effortless elegance to everyday living.  The line is timeless and fun, classic with personality, and versatile with layering at its heart.

Our pieces are quality marked from to maintain the highest quality of standards and transparency.  This is important to us so our customers know exactly what they are purchasing and how to care for it.  Most of our sources are members of organizations like The Jewelers Board of Trade, Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Jewelers Security Alliance, and the Jewelers Board of Trade.  

Our elements are ethically and sustainably produced, and many of our manufacturers use solar power and recycled metals in their plants and production methods.  Most of them have been in business over three decades, and our main vermeil source hand casts and hand-finishes our pieces especially for us in California.  Our Idlewild Everyday staff hand-assembles, finishes, and packs your pieces with great care in our studio in Birmingham, Alabama.

Idlewild Everyday believes in giving back to the community who supports us.  We are honored to regularly donate to organizations who care for and support women and children, homeless initiatives, veterans’ needs, inner-city reading programs, and children’s cancer research.  

Idlewild Everyday is everyday elegance for everyday living.  Enjoy and thank you!


                                                             Tabitha and her family