Our story

Elegance and Empowerment Redefined

Idlewild Everyday is the creation of Tabitha Frazier, a dreamer who turned her passion for handcrafted jewelry into a symbol of grace and sophistication. Founded in 2018, Idlewild Everyday celebrates the beauty and strength of women with unique, high-quality pieces that inspire and empower.

Her Journey

Is one of passion, determination, and creativity. As a full-time mother and wife, Tabitha dreamed of something beyond her everyday life, something that would allow her to explore her artistic side and express herself. That something came in the form of jewelry making. Using only vintage elements, Tabitha started creating one-of-a-kind pieces that soon caught the eye of her friends and family. As her passion grew, so did her business, and in 2018, Idlewild Jewelry Company was born.

From a midlife hobby to a flourishing brand

Tabitha named her company after the first street where she and her husband lived after they married in 1997; a street where foundational memories were made while she put her husband through professional school.

Idlewild Jewelry Company quickly became a success, but Tabitha knew it could be so much more. She wanted to create something that would appeal to a wider audience, something that would celebrate everyday elegance, and something that would empower women. So in 2022, Idlewild Everyday was born, with a focus on handcrafted jewelry made from high-quality elements by and for sophisticated women. Today, Idlewild Everyday is a symbol of grace, sophistication, and empowerment, a jewelry brand that celebrates women of all ages and their unique styles.

Our Passion for Beauty

Beauty is not just about aesthetics; it's about the emotion and meaning behind it. At Idlewild Everyday, we believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story of love, hope, happiness, or strength. Our passion for beauty is not just about creating pretty pieces; it's about creating pieces that speak to your soul, pieces that inspire and uplift you, pieces that celebrate your unique style. From our demi-fine pieces to our vintage exclusives collection, our jewelry is a testament to the beauty of life, the beauty of diversity, and the beauty of women.

Our Quest for Empowerment

At Idlewild Everyday, empowerment is not just a catchphrase; it's a way of life. At our core, we believe that each of us holds the power to achieve our dreams, no matter our age, background, or circumstances. Each piece we design is so much more than a mere accessory; it's a symbol of strength, perseverance, and self-expression. We are committed to empowering women through our brand, our mission, and our philanthropic initiatives. We regularly donate to organizations that support women and children, homelessness, veterans' needs, inner-city reading programs, education initiatives, and children's cancer research.

Paying it forward

We are honored to partner with Portraits of Hope, Inc., by sponsoring giveback events, participating in mentoring activities, and providing financial grants for various needs. Portraits of Hope provides support, encouragement, love, and hope to women and their children facing life’s challenges after incarceration, addiction, and domestic violence.

We are proud to be a brand that not only celebrates women but also supports them!